Our Partners

Apple Home Builders is led by two partners: John Day and Brian Wilhelm. Brian has a real estate license and is able to provide ethical, high-quality service to our clients – not only with the purchase of their Apple Home but in the sale of their other properties. They take great pride in their work and Apple Home Builders’ extensive portfolio. 

John Day
Founding Partner

Apple Home Builders was first registered by entrepreneur and partner John Day with Tarion Home Warranty back in June of 2002. Day had been successful in the automotive industry but had always dreamed of building custom homes. He learned the trade by working closely with a friend in the business and then launched his own company. Day has always approached new home construction with a quality-first, hands-on attitude. He is involved in all of his company’s projects from beginning to end. He began building homes in Tavistock where he quickly became known as a quality builder.

Brian Wilhelm Apple Homes
Brian Wilhelm

Brian Wilhelm joined Apple Homes as a partner in 2013, adding 35 years of local knowledge working with re-sale and new home clients.