Advantages of a New Home

New Home AdvantagesNew Home Advantages

There are numerous advantages of buying a new home. Here are some to consider:


You know what you are getting when you purchase a new home. You know how your home was built and what is included. You know what is behind your walls and under your floors. You will understand all the workings of your new home as you were part of it throughout the whole process.

Quality Construction

Construction and products and have changed significantly over the years. All Apple Homes are built to a high standard. For example we only use plywood floors that are glued and screwed to the floor joists, which are not the standard for some homes. The quality construction of your home is of utmost importance to us so that your new home will be a good investment for you, and when and if you decide to move, the quality built home from Apple Homes will also resell at a higher value than production type homes.


All our homes are priced to our Standard Schedule, which is a quality built home. The cost of the home, plus the cost of the lot, plus any upgrades equal the total cost for your home. Therefore, you can choose from many styles of homes and lots and add upgrades to fit your personal budget from our base price (Standard Schedule) to your wildest dreams. You are involved in the building of your new home from the design to finish adding the options that you want to your home.


The choice is yours, from top to bottom. Whether it is the style of home, the lot, your kitchen, carpets, lighting and paint – your new home will be built exactly the way you want. It’s all up to you!

Warranty and Service

You get peace of mind as your new home comes with a 7 Year Tarion Warranty providing you with protection against defects. We are proud of the homes we build and stand behind them with quality service.


We have been building quality homes for almost 25 years with countless satisfied clients, many of whom live in our communities and continue to be our friends.